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It matters not,  where you live or the particular diet your pet is on,
there is NO escaping the impact of environmental toxins
on your pet's health.  Find out what you can do to assist your pet in removing these toxins, creating a strong immune system and avoiding the inevitable problems associated with toxicity...

"Help us get Zeolites in the paws, claws and hooves of every animal in the world and protect them from the devastating environmental impact that we humans have had  on this earth!"


Nature's Gift to Us All... 

The four elements of nature - earth, wind, fire and water - have combined to create the world’s most amazing natural, organic mineral called a zeolite, that has been used for hundreds of years for enhanced health, wellness and detoxification. Zeolites are formed when lava contacts water. What makes zeolites so special is that they have a unique cage like structure and they are one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature. This negative charge draws positively charged particles into the ‘zeolite cage’, traps them and then safely and naturally removes them from the body. Some examples of positively charged particles that are captured by the zeolite are Heavy Metals, (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Beryllium, etc) Volatile Organic Compounds (Paints, Varnishes, Formaldehyde), Harmful Chemicals, Carcinogens, Allergens, Pre-Viral Components, Toxins and Free radicals and so much more…*

Another incredible benefit of using zeolites is that they balance the body to a more alkaline state, dis-ease, cancer, parasites and viruses do not thrive in an alkaline environment, they much prefer and acidic environment.*  (For example, we have not wormed our horses, dogs or cats for over 5 years since using zeolites and testing reveals a zero level of parasites or worms in our animals).  


We live in a very toxic world, filled with many harmful compounds that come from both natural and man-made sources that make it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. A recent report from the Environmental Working Group divulges that our pets are polluted with even higher levels of many of the same synthetic industrial chemicals that researchers have recently found in people, including newborns. 

High Levels of Toxic Industrial Chemicals Contaminate Cats And Dogs
(This is a great article that everyone should read)

Heavy metals are among the most prevalent of these toxins that can have such a negative impact on our animal’s health and reduce their overall well-being. Signs that your animals may be effected by toxins can be very subtle and can include: Dog and cat constipation, colic, diarrhea, kidney and liver problems, skin rashes, cancers, intestinal parasites, viral infections, suppressed immune system, urinary tract infections, allergies,  and many more than I can list...


Where Do Toxins Come From?

They are around us each and every day and they can come from:

Pet food  - i.e. fillers, chemical preservatives as in   Ethoxyquin, BHA and   BHT  

                  Glycol,  Nitrates, Heavy  Metals leaching from canned food

Livestock Feed      - in GMO Grains, Hays and Forage

Water      - can contain chlorine, flouride, pestidicides, heavy metals and  pharmaceuticals   that can get into groundwater 
- flea collars, drops applied to the backs of dogs and paste wormers that
                         can be highly toxic

Plastics    - water dishes, chew toys, water barrels and feeders

Fire retardants and cleaning products   - from pet bedding, horse blankets, carpeting, and accessories

Fertilizers, pesticides   - pets walk on the lawn and then lick their paws

Grooming Products    - chemicals are absorbed through the skin or licked of the coat

Fencing and Decking   - wood containing arsenic, metal fencing containing heavy metals   and oxides
It is also important to understand that the toxins that are effecting our pets are also effecting our children and ourselves... every living being on this planet should be taking a zeolite supplement every day! There are several zeolite supplements on the market, but they are all not necessarily equal in their ability to maximize adsorption of toxins.  It should be noted here that when zeolites are mined naturally out of the ground, that they do in nature what they do in our bodies... their trap positively charged particles like heavy metals & toxins in their cage-like structure.  So when you extract zeolite from the ground, there is a pretty good chance that the zeolite cages are already pretty full.  It is important that when purchasing a zeolite product that you ensure that the cage like structure has been cleaned for consumption.  I personally will only recommend a few zeolite products that are clean and that I have used for my family and my animals over the past 8 years.
If you have questions about zeolites for you, your family or your animals, please do not heistate to contact me via e-mail and I will get back with youdirectly to address your situation.


Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product or the information on theis page  is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.