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Small Animal Testimonials


Lymphoma on Aussie Shepard

Oso, is a 10 year old Australian

Shepard. He is extremely lively, always playing with the other dogs and horses on the ranch. Three years ago he developed a large growth on his right front shoulder. Our vet performed surgery right away and removed a 1.5 pound tumor. Recovery was quick and easy and all seemed fine and dandy for quite awhile until last week…….

On June 4, 2007 Oso wasn’t feeling well, he had a limp, dull eyes, and he couldn’t make it to the barn without laying down halfway. He stayed by our heels all day as if to say “I don’t feel well, help”.

When we did get to the barn, my husband palpated his right front shoulder and there it was again, a tumor, hard and about the size of a lemon. We discussed the situation and called our vet that afternoon to schedule Oso for surgery at 9am on June 11, 2007. Realizing that I was going to visit with the vet, I thought I might do some research online about Zeolites and animals. Low and behold, right away I found a testimonial about another dog who had a similar tumor (although much bigger) which had been rapidly diminished with Zeolites. I read the article to my husband who had been using NCD for only 2 weeks with incredible personal results.

We decided right then and there to start Oso on the Zeolites and ‘see’ what happens. Oso got his first dose on Monday, June 4, 2007 at 6:30pm. I gave him 6 drops 3xDay. By Wednesday June 6th, the hard, lemon sized knot had already been reduced to a flat mushy area with a golf ball sized spongy knot in the middle. On Saturday, June 9th, Oso bounded to the barn to help with chores and then played ‘puppy-wind sprints’ in the yard with the Lab on our return…he acted about 2 years old, sparkling eyes and no limp. I called for my husband to come out and check Oso’s ‘lump’. It had reduced itself to the size of a grape. We will continue to give Oso his Zeolites everyday, but we cancelled the surgery. FIVE DAYS!!

 UPDATE: It is Now December 2011 and Oso is still with us, a little slower at 15, but he still goes to the barn to help with the horses  morning and night and even helps pen up the chickens at the end of the day!

Update: October 1, 2012
Oso is still with us... debilitating arthritis was making it very difficult for Oso to get up and down, not ready to 'give up the ship' my husband said, "I know you can find something to help him".  Well, I had run out of the zeolite canine formula, but I still had some of the Equine Formula with bioavailable Hyluronic Acid that had really helped one of the older horses.   I decided to try it on Oso and within one week he was having a lot less difficulty getting up and down and was running around the yard like a puppy!  

Digestive Disorders for Years

This testimonial is from a distributor who joined the company only a month ago. The results that we personally have experienced are amazing. We have an incredible amount of energy and stamina, accomplishing things on the ranch in a very short amount of time. We are tired at night from all the work, but we seem to sleep sounder as though our body truly gets rested and rejuvenated . We’re up at 5am and ready to go the next day with no aches or pains and renewed energy.. My husband used to go through a 250ct bottle of Roll-aids every month, after only 2 weeks on the Zeolites he doesn’t need them anymore no matter what he eats or drinks; and his digestive system has been this way since he was a child…We both have experienced improved vision, less appetite, little or no desire for sweets and I’ve never seen him drink so much water, something I’ve always wanted him to consume more of. Even with all the energy that we have, there seems to be a calmness or contented feeling as a whole; our first month with Waiora has proven to be quite an amazing experience for all of us!

A Zeolite Story - Poisoned Pomeranians

On August 18, 2007, my wife and I picked up our two tea-cup Pomeranians from the kennels. We had been gone on vacation for eight days. When we brought them home I noticed that they immediately went for their water bowls and drank excessively which I thought somewhat strange but thought nothing about it.

The very next morning I noticed that they were both lethargic, sleeping a lot and only getting up to drink more water. They stopped eating and even refused their favorite treats. We brought them to their vet several times and he tried different treatments and medications.

This went on until the 27th of August when the vet decided to keep them and administer I.V.’s. the following morning, the young female, Coco, passed away. She was 14 months old. The male, Rocket, four years old made it through but only to relapse into the same symptoms on and off. After the autopsy was performed on Coco and blood samples were taken, it was determined that they had ingested some form of toxin or poison.

Following instructions we subjected Rocket to I.V’s twice a day along with a variety of pills and medicines. This went on for weeks but it only seemed to help for a while. After all this time the vet gave me some information on Zeolite and suggested I try it because nothing seemed to be working.

A good friend of ours had some Zeolites, and gave a bottle to my wife, I immediately started giving it to Rocket and in a matter of only two days, Rocket showed signs of improvement and started to act like his own self again.

I am not sure if it was the Zeolites or the previous treatments or the combination of the two. All I know is that Rocket improved tremendously immediately after I administered the Zeolites.

Rocket will never fully recover because of all the damage that the toxins did to his kidneys. Our vet now calls him the miracle dog. He is now on reduced medications and I make sure he gets his zeolite drops twice a day and I make sure I take my drops along with him.

RESPONSE BY: Treating Veterinarian, Dr. Simon Escalada, Nogales Veterinary Hospital, Nogales, Arizona:  "I was amazed at the astounding results we had in removing to toxins from this dog using Zeolites, it made all the difference in the world and probably saved his life!"

Developmental Problems - Shit Zhu Puppy

My husband wanted to give me Shih Tzu puppy for my birthday so off we went to a renowned breeder. She had two black and white party Shih Tzu’s left. One was bouncing around and the other was just a really mellow little fellow and very small. The breeder told us that the little one was only born only 3oz and they didn’t think he was going to make it. Well, he did and now I’m supposed to decide which one to take home, as is normal around our house, I came home with both of them. They adjusted fine to their new surroundings and as they grew up I noticed that while the big one as bouncing around the house and playing with all the toys his ‘dad’ brough home for him, his little brother was just content to eat, sleep and get jumped on by his brother occasionally. I decided to add some Zeolites to his diet, just one drop twice a day, and the difference within about 48 hours was astounding. He became much more active, began playing with his toys, was incredibly stronger and started kickin’ his brother’s butt.

To this day, he continues to get his Zeolites and has now become the leader in the house and takes much more interest in his surroundings and training.

Arthritis in Labrador

Our 12 year old Labrador Retriever developed debilitating arthritis. A friend suggested that we give him Zeolites so we gave it a try, 5 drops 3x a day and within two weeks we saw tremendous improvement. He now runs around the yard like a 4 year old and doesn’t appear to have the stiffness or pain that he had prior to using the Zeolite.

My 12 year old Lab/Border Collie has arthritis. Thanks to an adult dose of  Zeolite and Omega 3 fish oil, she rarely has problems getting up after laying down for a period of time, or jumping up onto the bed for that matter. Both our dogs are on the same regimen, their coats are beautiful, and they're protected against the environmental toxins as well. It sure gives me peace of mind! Hope this helps!

Feline Leukemia

We had two cats that both contacted Feline Leukemia approximately 4 weeks after getting their vaccinations for Feline Leukemia, both of the cats wasted away and died after all medications and treatments were exhausted. The 3rd cat came down with Feline Leukemia as well. Frustrated with our previous experience we put him on Zeolites,  3 drops 3x a day and although at the time he was going down hill quickly, he made an abrupt right turn immediately after his first dose of Zeolite and pulled through with vigor. His coat, weight and activity returned to normal within three weeks and he no longer tests for Feline Leukemia.

Feline Diabetes

After much weight loss, lethargy and a cat off his food, a trip to the vet revealed Feline Diabetes. The potential outcome did not look good but the vet sent us home with medications, a new diet and not much hope for survival. We put the cat on 5 drops of Zeolite 3 times a day and within 3 weeks he was looking better and continues to improve. He as well as the rest of the family will all remain on our Zeolites forever.

Feline Hepatitis

Josie, my cat was diagnosed with hepatitis and the prognosis was very grim. My veterinarian prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics didn’t seem to have any effect after several days and now she was refusing to eat or drink. I hand fed and bottle fed her to give her some nourishment. By a twist of faith, I met Darcy Fisher at her gallery in Tubac and was telling her about my cat. She explained to me all about the Zeolites and was kind enough to give me a bottle to get Josie started right away with a suggested dose of 3 drops 3 times a day and with the promise that I would call her in 3 days to update her on the situation. Three days later, I called in total amazement to report that Josie was much better, eating and drinking and playing all around the house. I returned to the vet again and he did another blood test. The liver enzymes were back to normal and all signs of the virus were just about. My vet said to continue with the zeolites as he had never seen anything like this before. Not only is Josie continually getting the zeolites now, but so is the whole family… after the results we saw with Josie we signed up and now have added additional income to our family as well. One of our biggest buyers is now our Vet, all thanks to Josie, Darcy and zeolites.                Carrie and Jim, Sante Fe

Feline Renal Failure

My cat, Rueben, was diagnosed two years ago with Chronic Renal Failure. This feline disease is very progressive and usually fatal. His BUN and creatinine levels continued to worsen. I started giving him three drops of zeolite three times a day on his wet food, and within four months he was in completely normal range. It’s been 2 years and he has remained in the normal range with no other treatments needed other than his continued zeolite intake. Our vet was very excited and is now including activated liquid zeolite into his practice for renal failure as well as many other animal health issues.


This probably won’t come as a surprise to you as you have helped so many pets with the zeolites and have already heard all the success stories, but I have to share this with you anyway… Buster was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma, we were devastated as he is most definitely part of the family. The vet’s only treatment was chemotherapy, something we vowed that we would never do personally or with our pets. We started chemo & the side effects were terrible. I remembered that you had told me about the zeolites and how many success stories you had with it, so I consulted with our vet and he said give it a try and asked for all the literature on the product. I started Buster on the zeolites 5 drops 3 times a day and after only 3 weeks he went into full remission. We stopped the chemo and kept him on the zeolites, it has been 12 months and still no return of lymphoma. Just thought I would send you another great story about the success we had with the  zeolites. Maybe by sharing Buster’s story with new customers or new sales people you can help other pet owners like us. We are blessed everyday to have our ‘kid’ still with us. Sandy & John, Falmouth, Ma


My German Shepard, Casey, had a lump on his hip, I thought it was just a fatty deposit, but then it started to grow and was soon the size of an apple. I could tell that Casey wasn‘t feeling well, he didn‘t have any energy, was a little bit off his feed and wasn‘t interested in playing with the other dogs. I had read about Zeolite and thought I would give it a try, after only 4 days the lump was the size of a marble and he‘s romping around with the other dogs as usual. Thank you to zeolites! I really thought I was going to lose my best friend. Bob & Carol, Santa Cruz, Ca

Liver Cancer

In October of 2008 my Corgi was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, the vet didn’t give him much time to live. The thought of losing our friend at 5 years old was devastating, so we when home and started to do some research on alternative therapies. We found  Zeolite, placed a rush order and started him on it right away, 10 drops 3 times a day. Well, it’s year and a half later and he’s still with us and doing great. At his last checkup the vet was astounded at the fact that there is no evidence of liver cancer and has stated using zeolites in his practice for other patients. How terrific to find a product like this, to have such a success story and have our vet share this product with so many others that might benefit from it. Callie & Mack, Nogales, Az


Here is an interesting one. We have a 12 year old Labrador that we love to death. A few weeks ago, I noticed a huge mass on the side of Macy’s face, it was the size of a tennis ball. I immediately put her on the zeolites and the mushroom product to see if they would help. I used 6 drops 2 times a day on her dog biscuit. Within 4 days, the mass reduced to the size of a dime and by the 6th day it was completely gone. No chemo, no antibiotics, no chemicals, no drugs , no vet bills, just an amazing all natural product, Thank you!
Eric & Cheryl, Sedona, Az

Large Animal Testimonials


Horse with terrible Fly Allergies   

Our Oldenburg gelding of 9 years has always had a terrible time in summer. When the flies and mosquito’s arrive he begins to get welts and then losses hair to the point where by the end of July he looks like he gas been hit with buckshot. This year we added Zeolites to his daily diet - 5 drops 3x a day. Within 2 weeks his hair was growing back, his scratching was greatly reduced and he was less stressed and comfortable again.

Sarcoid 3”x3” Disappears

We have a mare that we personally bred. By age three we started noticing a small sarcoid on her belly back by her teats. By the time she was 7 the sarcoid had grown to 3”x3” and was getting really ugly. Discussion with a variety of veterinarians provided us with lots of options: we could freeze it, we could surgically remove it, we could take a piece of it and send it into a lab and have a homeopathic remedy made from it, we could apply a special salve that might remove it….none of these options felt right. I had been using Zeolites on one of the dogs and when I was down in the barn one morning doing chores, I decided to massage some Zeolite into her sarcoid. Things were so busy in our life, I never really gave it another thought. Our vet was becoming very interested in Zeolite and said that we should take pictures of the sarcoid before and after treatment and pull a biopsy so we have some clinical data for reporting. I had totally forgotten that I had massaged the Zeolite into the sarcoid three weeks earlier. I headed to the barn with camera in hand to take a pre-treatment photo of the sarcoid,  IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE! One treatment and only 3 weeks later, wow. The sad thing is that I did not document this with photos and labs.

Sarcoid Changes in Grey Horse

Sarcoid October1,2007

This picure was taken on October 1, 2007. We had tried many modalities of treating sarcoids on this horse with little success. The Sarcoid was originally 7/8” long with a depth of approximately ½”.

Treatment was started on October 1, 2007 with 5 drops of Zeolite topically on the following dates: October 3,6,12,17,24,31, November 3,4. On November 3rd we also started 10 drops 3x a day orally.

November 1, 2007

The second photo was taken November 1, 2007.
This sarcoid is continuing to get smaller and no longer looks infected. We will continue each month to update the progress on this sarcoid, so check back

Human Testimonials

Rheumatoid Arthritis - 80 Year Old Lady

After her last pregnancy in her 40’s, a lady developed Rhumatoid Arthritis which debilitated her as an artist and in her every day endeavours. She started on Zeolites and within one month her swelling and pain diminished, she could paint again, open jars and use her hands like she did when she was 20. She will continue her use of Zeolites for the rest of her life with glee.


I have had terrible asthma all my life which usually resulted in me ending up in the ER about 4 times a year.  I was very dependent upon my inhaler on a frequent basis and the costs were getting out of control.  In 2010, I started on the zeolites and my asthma improved beyond belief.  It's now been two years since I have had to carry an inhaler, and have saved thousands in costs and ER visits.  I WILL NEVER STOP TAKING MY ZEOLITES!

Chronic Knee Pain

After 5 knee surgeries, years of playing polo and riding jumpers, I was having a lot of trouble with chronic pain in my knees. Squatting down, kneeling and going up and down stairs were just more that I could take. I started taking Zeolite and some evening I would get shooting pains on the outside of my knees, a location that hadn’t previously been connected to my knee problems, but I thought maybe it was getting rid of other problems. It took about three months on the Zeolites and I noticed that I had no more pain, more flexibility and a lot more strength.


50 years of smoking finally caught up with me and I found myself wheezing and coughing on a continuous basis. I started the Zeolites for other health related reasons, but somewhere around month 5, I developed a strange gurgle in my throat in the evenings that would start me coughing relentlessly. I knew I had Emphysema but now I was wondering about ‘Lung Cancer’. This gurgling went on for a couple of miserable weeks and then, all of a sudden it stopped, the coughing stopped and the wheezing stopped. I felt as though I could fill my lungs with air for the first time in years.

I may never know what this was all about, but I do know that my life has changed forever. Zeolites are the only things I was taking, no other medications of any kind…and all I can say is that after 5 months the zeolites must hav gotten down into my lung tissue deep enough or sequestered something from my lung tissue that I needed to get rid of. Zeolites are now a part of my life and always will be. For all I know, it could have saved my life.


I am a 70 year old female who has suffered with migraine headaches since I was 12 or 13 years old. On the 1st of June I started on Zeolites. After years of all kinds of doctors and treatments I am migraine free. I tried the whole gambit, acupuncture, acupressure, etc., etc., etc. with no relief. It dawned on me about three months ago that I had not had a headache since the 3rd week of May. That's incredible! Thank you Darcy.

I had been diagnosed with shingles in 1990 and had been given a prescription for Zovorax which did indeed help at the time.  I then learned that I could divert an attack if I took Lysine at the first signs of symptoms.  In 2007 I started taking Zeolites and have not had a reoccurance of shingles in 5 years. How wonderful that something natural could keep shingles at bay, thank you!


I took my mom, 86, to a routine doctors appointment and the doctor asked her when she had last had a bone density test, she couldn't remember... The doctor said that he could do it right then and there.  Never having seen this procedure done, I was excited to be apart of it, but I told the Doctor that my mother had the bone desity of a 40 year old.  He gave me a very odd look and proceeded with the test.  When he was finished, he told me that I was wrong and he was wrong... my mother had the bone density of a 36 year old woman.  He then asked me how I knew this and I explained to him how zeolites work and that they sequester lead out of bone so that calcium can do it's job.


Got Mosquitos???

Have you been bit by a mosquito, ant, or other insect lately?  You no longer have to suffer the itching and discomfort... just put a drop of zeolite onto your bite, massage in and whalah...  NO MORE ITCH!

Wanna a Really Great Facial?
The best facial scrub ever... just massage some zeolite powder onto your face with a little bit of water, amazing!

Itchy, Scratchy Allergy Eyes?
I have personally found that after a day mowing the lower pastures, that my eyes are burning and really itchy, just a few drops of zeolite liquid in each eye and  ahhhh,  instant relief!

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