Here are some helpful resources to help you make informed decisions on your pets diets and the use of zeolites for optimum health

Dietary Needs

The old adage “we are what we eat” holds true for our animals as well as ourselves. There are many opinions about the best diet for ourselves and our animals, it is most important to determine what works best for you and your pets. Commercial pet foods tend to be filled with chemicals, preservatives and lots of unknown by-products. After reading Dr. Martin Goldsteins’ book, The Nature of Animal Healing, our pets lives were changed forever and I believe that they are all healthier because of it.


Our dogs, primarily eat a diet of cooked (organic) ground beef, turkey or chicken with rice, shredded fresh vegetables out of our garden and a little bit of natural kibble. For our 2 twin black and white Shih Tzus, they also get 1 drop of Zeolites morning and night.

One of our Shih Tzus was born only 3oz, he was the runt and the breeder did not think he would make it…needless to say I couldn’t leave him behind. Anyway, his brother has always been super active - always running around, interested in his environment, playing with all his toys, etc., while his little brother would just lie around and sleep, eat and show no interest in his surroundings or toys. He was chubby, lethargic and had no interest in learning anything. Within two days of starting him on the Zeolites, he became more active, started playing with all the toys and became the tough guy in the game of wrestle and run. He also has become much more interested in his training and quicker to learn more commands and tricks.

The two 'big' dogs , a labrador retreiver (11) and an australian shepard (15) have been on the Canine D-Lite3 for some time and get a scoop on their feed morning and night and we have seen some pretty aamazing changes, the lab has lost weight (yeah), his fatty tumors (several) are almost completely gone and his medication induced partial laryngeal paralysis has somehow subsided and he no longer gasps for air upon exertion.. the aussie shepard has experienced great improvement in his mobility and doesn't seem to be as stiff in the morning as he was prior to being on the Canine D-Lite3.


Our horses are all dressage athletes. They are stabled in 36’X36’ covered pens and watered exclusively in large barrels so that their consumption can be monitored and they have a large supply of clean fresh water.

I have lived and had show horses in Upstate New York, Ohio, Australia and Arizona. Diets do change depending upon the environment and availability. I currently feed a small amount of alfalfa hay, free feed bemuda hay (so they can graze all day just like mother nature intended) , alfalfa pellets (nothing puts on a better topline) and they get garlic each morning and 5 drops of Zeolite 3x a day.

One of our horses, an Oldenburg mare has always been a little hot and distracted in her work and in her stall. I spoke with one vet who had used a lot of Zeolites in her practice and she said that they found that this type of behavior she believed to be linked to mercury and that the zeolites might help. After just a few days on the zeolites, I noticed a marked difference in her behavior in her stall as well as in the ring. She is much more focused, less reactionary and calmer in her acceptance of new things. I also noticed a big difference in her condition, recovery time and strength. Our Grand Prix horse certainly showed marked improvement in condition, nutrient absorption and energy.



All people and animals need to drink plenty of clean, fresh water especially when taking zeolites. The only way that toxins, chemicals and heavy metals are removed is through excretion of urine and sweat. You will notice that your animals will tend to drink more when they are on Zeolites . Be sure to monitor their water and provide plenty of it. As a human, you should drink no less that 1/2oz of water per pound of body weight ( if you weigh 100#s you should drink 50 oz of water daily). Animals are much better than humans at maintaining a good hydration level and we have never had any issues with this.

Recommended Reading

A Primer for Herbs for Animals - Gregory Tillford and Mary Wilff Tillford
A Veterinary Materia Medica - Geoge McCleod
Beauty in Bloom (great menopause book) - Eileen Nauman DHM
Canine Acupressure - Nancy A. Sedaris & Mary Kay Soderberg
Cats Homeopathic Remedies - George McLeod
Cats Naturally - Juliette deBairacli Levy
Concise Guide to Medications & Supplements for the Horse - David W. Ramey DVM
Dogs Homeopathic Remedies - George McLeod
Dogs Never Lie About Love - Jeffery Moussaieff Masson
Dr Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats - Richard Pitcairn
Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care - CJ Puotinen
Equine Acupressure - Nancy A. Sodaris & Mary Kay Soderberg
Four Paws Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs - Cheryl Schwartz
Give Your Dog a Bone - Ian Billinghurst
Heal Thyself - Edward Bach
Healing Your Horse with Alternative Therapies - Merideth Snader VMD and Sharon Wiloughby DVm
Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats - Mary Wulff Tillford & Gregg Tillford
Homeopathy for Epidemics - Eileen Nauman DHM
Horses Are made to Be Horses - Franz Maringer - Excellent Book on Training the Dressage Horse
It’s For the Animals! Natural Care & Resources - Helen McKinnon
Love, Miracles and Animal Healing - Allen Schoen
Keep Your Pet Healthy the Natural Way - Pat Lazarus
Natural Insect Repellants for Pets, People & Plants - Janette Granger
New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats - Amy Shojal
The Holistic Veterinary Handbook - William Winter
Pet Allergies: Remedies for an Epidemic - Alfred Plechner and Martin Zucker
Poisons That Heal - Eileen Nauman DHM - The Best Book I’ve ever found in laymans terms - Homeopathy
Soul Recovery & Extraction - Ai Gvhdi Waya - Shamnic Journeywork for wholeness of you& your animals
Talking With Your Horse - Henry Blake
The Bach Remedies Repertory - Edward Bach
The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat - Juliette deBairacli Levy
The Natural way to Train Your Dog - Carol Lee Benjamin
***The Nature of Animal Healing - Martin Goldstein DVM - A Recommended Read for Everyone!
The Treatment of the Horse by Homeopathy - George McCleod
The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Horse - June Evers
Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks, But People Do - Matthias Rath



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