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Research Studies

It is very important to note that raw zeolites, mostly clinoptilolites, were used in the following research papers... few of the research papers reflect the use of the clean, micronized, or activated zeolites! Imagine the results they might have gotten if they had the technology to clean, micronize and activate the zeolites prior to their research... 
like the zeolites in NCD D-Lite3

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Clinical evidence supporting the use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension as an agent to increase urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals
James L Flowers1, Stewart A Lonky2, Erik J Deitsch3
1Eno Research and Development, Inc., Hillsborough, NC, USA; 2University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA; 3Wellness Industries, LLC, Parkland, FL USA

Abstract: Effective treatment of chronic illness resulting from the long-term buildup of heavy metals in the body, such as chelation therapy, presents numerous clinical challenges, including undesirable side effects and unpredictable efficacy.

Use of a naturally occurring zeolite, clinoptilolite, to remove these toxic substances may offer an efficacious and safe alternative to the traditional approaches. This study was designed to evaluate the ability of activated clinoptilolite suspended in water (ACS) to remove heavy metals from the body through urinary excretion without the undesirable removal of physiologically important electrolytes.

The protocol utilized two treatment groups, each consisting of eleven healthy men aged 36 to 70 years. Volunteers were given a commercially available version of the study substance for seven days (Group 1) and 30 days (Group 2) and urine samples were collected at specified time points in the study. Changes in urinary concentration of the heavy metals were measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and compared to the baseline.

Also, serum samples were obtained from five individuals in each group and serum electrolytes were measured prior to and after taking the product. Participants in both groups had increased concentrations of heavy metals in the urine with the peak excretion at around day 4. No clinically significant alterations in serum electrolyte levels were seen at either seven or 30 days on ACS. In conclusion, this study demonstrates that the daily use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension represents a potentially safe and effective way to remove toxic heavy metals from the body through increased urinary excretion without removing clinically detrimental amounts of vital electrolytes.

Properties of natural zeolites in benefit of nutrition and health  
Research Studies">Research Studies">Research StudiesResearch StudiesResearch StudiesSubmitted with permission of Irina Smical

Faculty of Environmental Science, Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca,

30 Fântânele Street, Cluj-Napoca City, Cluj County, Romania, European Union;

Importance of Zeolites in Nutrition

According to Mumpton & Fishman (1977),
1965 the Japanese researchers had tried to use zeolites as suppliment in nutrition of animals (poultry, swine and cattle).  The successful results conducted to and encourage zeolite use, especially clinoptilolite and mordenite, in nutrition for a larger scale of animals. This kind of feed not only assures a gain of weight of animals but also improved their health without negative effects. The research made by Loughbrough (1993) have shown that zeolites can be used as binding agents in animal feeds. They also appear to act as a buffer in the animals digestive system, storing nitrogen in the form of ammonium and releasing it gradually by ion exchange with sodium and potassium. The animal receives greater benefit from the same quantity of feed.

On the other hand, was noticed the ability of natural zeolites, applied to ruminants, to take up the NH4+ from the rumen and slowly release it which allowed rumen microorganisms to synthesize cellular protein continuously for easy assimilation into the digestive system of animals (Mumpton & Fishman 1977). Positive effect of combined feed with zeolite on digestibility of nutrients; balance of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous, and average daily increase of weight of heifers has been noticed (Kirolove et al 1995). Moreover, zeolite is commonly used in dairy cowrations to reduce the impact of mycotoxins in the feed, and it is also effective for ameliorating the negative impact of mold produced toxins in animal feeds.

Zeolites Application in Medicine

Experiments have shown that clinoptilolite is stable in the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the toxicity of ammonia in the body of the sheep and pigs, and the pigs,chickens and turkeys which had been fed with natural zeolite were protected by mycotoxins. With the cows diet containing aflatoxin content of milk is reduced if the feedis added clinoptilolite.

Noticeable results were seen at animals in decreasing the number of cases ofgastric ulcer, pneumonia, heart dilation and in overall mortality (Mumpton & Fishman 1977) When the cows diet contains aflatoxin, its amount in milk is reduced whether ithe animals diet clinoptilolite is added. Also, tests have shown that in cases of diarrhe and drug intoxication the presence of clinoptilolite in diet is beneficial (Rodriguez-Fuente et al 1997; Lam et al 1998; Rivera-Garza et al 2000).

The benefits of natural zeolites for health are (Hecht 2010):

 Detoxification by removing the pollutants and stopping the free radicals;


 Developing the immune system;

Controlling the mineral metabolism, blood circulation, nervous system and digestion;

 Improving the skin aspect by inhibition of the aging process;

 Generate anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal effects;

 Assure positive effect on sleep and reduce stress;

 Reduce the effect of drug, medicines, alchool and caffeine.

In case of endotoxicosis of human and animal organisms, the mechanisms of detoxification by natural zeolites act by adsorption the endotoxins and exogenous toxins in the macropores and mesopores of natural zeolites (Hect 2010).The work made by Russian researchers using a natural zeolite from Kholinskoe deposit (Russia) have conducted to several conclusions regarding the important role ofnatural zeolite use in different mecial affections. The obtained data from experimentalwork on rats, have shown that the preparate containing the zeolite from abovementioned deposit, has the capacity to reduce the level of endogenic intoxication inrelation to atropine, amitriptyline, digi-toxin and organophosphorus compounds. This zeolite underwent in vivo tests, is effective in relation to alcaloids (atropine), barbiturate(ethaminal-sodium), tricyclic anti-depressants (amitriptyline), in case of poisoning wit arsenic, toxic metals (copper, barium, lead). It also allows effective reduction of endogenic intoxication level in case of radiation damage, and as enterosorbent to thestandard therapy course contributes to the improvement of functional condition of mainbarrier and detoxicating organs and systems, correction of basic pathogenic mechanismsof toxicity in industrial poisons (Novosyolova 2010).As well, other Russian researchers show that natural zeolite can be an excellent enterosorbent, which can be used in intestinal form of anthrax, and possibly witsepticemia (Ibragimova 2010).The experiments made on calves in order to observe the influence of clinoptilolite on resorption of colostrums immunoglobulin, haematology parameters and enzymeactivities in blood serum (AST, ALD and LDH), body weight and daily weight gains ofcalves in first three months of life have shown that increases the resorption rate of colostrum immunoglobulin G in the digestive tract of calves, evidenced by theirsignificantly higher concentration in blood serum and causes no significant functional ormorphological changes in the tissue of parenchymatous organs and muscles.Pavelic et al (2001) reported that clinoptilolite has been successfully used asvaccine adjuvant and for diarrhea treatment for animals. Other data published by them,indicate the role of natural zeolites as potential adjuvant in anticancer therapy accordingto his research made on mice and dogs which presented tumors. The clinoptiloliteapplication has improved the overall health state and diminished tumor size of the animals. Pavelic et al (2002) also reported that micronized zeolites administrated in diet of mice injected with melanoma cells, significantly reduced the number of melanomametastases and the lymphocytes from lymph nodes provoked a noticeable higher allogeneic graft-versus-host reaction than cells of control mice. They also refer to anincreased of peritoneal marcrophages and their production of superoxide anion. Theresearchers concluded that micronized zeolites have antimetastatic and immunostimulatory effect on organisms.Purified natural zeolite has shown good stability in its passage through thestomach, and pharmacological and clinical studies have established it does not produce any biological damage to humans. It is also a good gastric alcalinisant and anti-diarrheic adjuvant (Farías et al 2003). According to Vrzgula & Seidel (1989), clinoptilolite proved his ability as sorbent for arsenic, cadmium, and lead ion from the rumen and abomasums juice. Zeolite was found to sorb 91% of lead and 45% of cadmium from rumen fluid in 24 hours. The sorption effectiveness was even higher from abomasums juice where zeolite sorbed 98% lead in 24 hours. Natural zeolites, also have a benefic role in healing the dermal affections, and also have a good role in healing quickly the inflicted wounds, scrapes, surgical lesions and other open wounds (Izmirova et al 2002).


Natural zeolites due to their remarkable properties as ion exchangers and molecular sieve, have known a significant approach in the last decades especially in nutrition and medicine fields. The results of their usage in feeding animals have shown a significantly success in gaining weight and assuring a better health to the research subjected animals. Researchers have got encouraging results on animals so that there is a premise to apply the usage of these zeolites in human nutrition with excellent results. A very important role of natural zeolites was registered in applications against various diseases and other organism affections where they got excellent results even in cancer diminishing effects. This could represent a hope for human medicine that the usage of natural zeolites could come in supporting the incurable diseases healing.

Sloan Kettering on Zeolite!

This is exciting news! I was just made aware of an article from Sloan Kettering on Zeolite. While it doesn’t corroborate human anti-tumor it certainly DOES corroborate animal anti-tumor. This is HUMONGOUS!! Here’s the excerpt and the link to the rest of the article.

Mechanism of Action
Zeolites have ion-exchanging and adsorption properties. Zeolite granules, when used externally on wounds, can stop bleeding and promote clotting through the absorption of water (2) (3). Zeolites are thought to adsorb pathogenic microbials, glucose, and alcohol in the stomach and intestine and have been proposed for use in diarrhea (4), diabetes (5), and hangover (8) . Due to their alkaline nature, zeolites have pH buffering effects. They can adsorb nitrosamines in acidic solution (12) leading to claims that they can also be used as anticancer treatment by removing carcinogenic substances in the stomach. However, such effects have not been substantiated in humans.
A few in vitro studies indicate that micronized zeolite inhibited protein kinase B; and induced expression of tumor suppressor proteins (9). In animal studies, micronized zeolite product was shown to reduce metastasis and increase the effect of doxorubicin due to its antioxidant property (13). It also increased peritoneal macrophages after intraperitoneal application and stimulate graft-versus-host reaction (14). Precise mechanisms of action remain largely unknown.
Micronized zeolite can affect brain serotonergic receptors activities of mammary carcinoma bearing mice (15). However, the clinical implication of this effect in humans is unclear. Zeolite supplementation did not prolong survival in tumor-bearing animals (16). Zeolites may have both immunosuppressing and immunostimulating effects. In animal studies, they caused decline of GM-CFU in the bone marrow (16) but increase graft-versus-host (GvH) reaction (14).
Zeolite products have other benefits when used in animal feed: they increase mineral utilization (17), reduce heavy metals induced anemia (18) and reduce aflatoxin toxicity (19). None of these benefits are applicable to humans.

Here are some of the most important highlights!

Special Point: A company has filed a U.S. patent application on using a form of synthesized zeolite as a cancer drug (21). Data submitted were based on in vitro, plant, and animal studies. The patent filing specified that the substance must be injected directly into the tumor. This rules out any benefits by oral route.The company cited financial reasons and decided to market the product as a dietary supplement. Zeolites have never been studied as a cancer drug in humans.

Purported uses
Treatment of diarrhea Anticancer therapy Antioxidant Immunoenhancer
There is more information directly at the Sloan Kettering site.

When all is said and done, the zeolite is unique, safe and highly effective and this has been proven in numerous clinical studies.

What of the Clinical Studies
 The proof is in the many personal stories and Scentific validation of Zeolites

-Zeolite therapy in healthy individuals without chronic exposure to heavy metal toxins.

-A short-term (7-day) trial in five individuals to evaluate changes in urinary excretion of heavy metals. Urinary excretion was measured with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Four out of five individuals showed increase in heavy metal excretion.
Zeolite therapy in healthy individuals and short-term "non-responders" without chronic exposure to heavy metal toxins

-An intermediate-term (30-day) trial in twenty (20) individuals to evaluate changes in urinary excretion of heavy metals. Urinary excretion was measured with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Participants demonstrated an 8-12 fold increase in heavy metal excretion. 100% had raised levels of heavy metals excreted through their urine.

-Zeolite therapy in otherwise healthy individuals with chronic, employment-related exposure to heavy metal toxins (WV Coal Miners)
A long-term (84-day), blinded, clinical trial in fifty (50) individuals to evaluate changes in urinary excretion of heavy metals and determine longevity of the effect. Urinary excretion was measured with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Additionally, hair and saliva was collected at the beginning and the end of the trial and measured for heavy metal content. Participants continued to excrete heavy metals throughout the trial at a rate of up to 12 times normal. All had more energy, better sleep patterns and greater mental acuity.

-Electrolyte levels with the use of Zeolites
A trial to evaluate changes in vital serum electrolytes in healthy individuals following 30-day Zeolite therapy.

-Exercise recovery with Zeolites
A trial to evaluate the effect of Zeolite therapy on post-workout recovery-time in competitive athletes vs. non-competitive participants. This trial consisted of 300 athletes, both elite and weekend warriors . 80% of participants noted more energy, less soreness, and faster recovery after exercise.

-pH balancing with Zeolites
A trial to evaluate the effect of short- vs long-term Zeolite therapy on serum and salivary pH in healthy and compromised individuals.

-There are other studies in the areas of autism, cancer, chronic fatigue, etc.

-A series of animal studies backs up claims of Zeolite's ability to absorb a wide range of toxins and heavy metals, balance pH, and normalise vitamin and mineral levels.

Anticancer and anti-oxidative effects of micronized zeolite clinoptilolite.
Zarkovic N , Zarkovic K , Kralj M , Borovic S , Sabolovic S , Blazi MP , Cipak A , Pavelic K .
Ruder Boskovic Institute, Division of Molecular Medicine, Bijenicka 54, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

BACKGROUND: Treatment of cancer-bearing mice and dogs with micronized zeolite clinoptilolite (MZ) led to improvement of the overall health status, prolongation of life span and decrease of tumor size in some cases. It also reduced lipid peroxidation in the liver of mice.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The experiments were performed on various tumor cell cultures and tumor-bearing animals. Immunohistochemistry was used to analyze if MZ could interfere with Doxorubicin-induced lipid peroxidation and consequential production of 4-hydroxynonenal (HNE).

 RESULTS: MZ reduced the metabolic rate of cancer cells and increased binding of HNE to albumin in vitro. It selectively reduced generation of HNE in vivo in tumor stroma after Doxorubicin treatment leaving onset of lipid peroxidation intact in malignant cells. Combined treatment with Doxorubicin and MZ resulted in strong reduction of the pulmonary metastasis count increasing anticancer effects of Doxorubicin.

 CONCLUSION: Interference of MZ with lipid peroxidation might explain some of the beneficial effects of this particular zeolite in combined cancer therapy.
PMID: 12820427 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Anticancer Res. 2003 Mar-Apr;23(2B):1589-95.

Study on in-feed Zeolite (clinoptilolite) with animals

White Papers

There are more than 140 articles on zeolite on such topics as: removing heavy metals, improving the health of animals, treating viral disorders, removing fungal toxins, remediation soil and treating cancer. This search can be accessed at the National Institutes of Health National Center for Biotechnology
Information at the following link: (search for “clinoptilolite”)

Anti-Cancer Patents and Research
US Patent for Zeolite
Natural Zeolite clinoptilolite: new adjuvant in anti-cancer therapy
Scientific Research Monograph b y Rik J. Deitsch

Animal Studies
No animals were harmed during these studies

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