A Place where Medical and Veterinary Professionals meet to Discuss the Importance of using Zeolites to Protect Ourselves & Our Animals from Environmental Toxins




 This page  is dedicated to the sharing of information about toxicity in the environment and what we can do to protect ourselves and our animals from the harmful effects of these toxins.  Round table discussion will be set up with a panel of veterinary and/or medical professionals to discuss these issues and how we can better deal with the ramifications of these toxins in our lives and the lives of our animals by utilizing Zeolite.

These round table forums will be recorded and will be available in audio clip form on this site for anyone to listen to.

Current Audio Clips Available:

#1 Interview with Biochemist with a complete discussion of formation, mining and activation of zeolites and how they work in detoxifying the body naturally and safely with the added benefits of balancing body pH. Animal discussion topics include: valley fever, parvo virus, sarcoids, lymphomas, viruses, and more.

#2 Interview with a Veterinarian  who has used Zeolites in his practice for over 2 years.  Discussion includes his personal experiences at his clinic with chronic renal failure, liver diseases, skin disorders, allergies, chronic ear infections, cancers including prostate, mammary and carcinomas and more..

#3 Animal Call : Topic: CANCER
An extensive interview with Biochemist,  regarding cancer in our animals.  Suggestions and theories regarding the use of Zeolite in removing toxins and balancing pH and the overall effect on zeolites in regards to chronic illness.

#4 Animal Call : Topics: Valley Fever, Parvo, Sarcoids Lymphomas, Allergies, Arthritis, Pigeon Fever and cancer

An e-mail address, pros@animalzeolites.com  will be available for individuals and other medical professionals to direct questions to the appropriate vet or MD about their situation or that of their animals.

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