Atheletes - Human and Animal





Athletes - Human & Animal

The Competitors 

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes.  As human beings we tend to push ourselves beyond our limitations in an endeavor to become healthier and more physically fit and therefore, sometimes we overdue.  Many individuals participate in sports that are physically and mentally challenging that require strength and agility as well as travel to competitions and a change in the daily routine.  All of these things add stress to our bodies and create new challenges for our physiology.  When demanding the utmost from ourselves we must understand that any level of toxicity in the body will minimize our performance, our immune system and our competitive results.  Travel to competitive events puts a tremendous burden on the body - our immune systems becomes weaker and we find ourselves in close proximity to  masses of people- we stay in places that may use unfamiliar chemicals as cleaners, water from who knows where and we ingest foods that are not a typical  part of our daily routine.  It is imperative that when you start a training regime either for pleasure or competition that you detoxify your body and replenish  required nutrient to achieve maximum results.  By adding Zeolies to your Wellness Program you will realize tremendous changes in overall fitness, health and well-being .

Clinical Studies using Zeolites have shown the following:

A research study measuring recovery time and post workout muscle soreness of 150 competitive athletes and 150 non-competitive athletes using 10 drops 3 times daily of Zeolite results were as follows: 81.3% of the competitive athletes found a reduction in recovery time and soreness while 78.8% of the non-competitive athletes found a reduction in recovery time and soreness.

3 different heavy metal excretion studies have been completed.

Phase 1, a short term 2 week study of 10 patients using 10 drops 3 times daily of Zeolite showed a 5 fold increase in excretion of metals in 8 out of 10 participants.

Phase 2 included the 2 non-responders and 18 additional patients in a 30 day excretion study. 10 drops 3 times daily showed a 5-7 fold increase in heavy metal excretion in 100% of the study group. After 30 days the study group dropped back to their baseline measurement. And a West Virginia Cola Miners heavy metal excretion study with 50 chronic exposed miners. After 7 weeks miners are still excreting 12 times their baseline in mercury and other metals.


Detox To Improve Physical Endurance

"I have seen individuals improve the number of reps they can do at a given high percentage of max. (e.g. 85 percent) once they correct a mineral deficiency and / or have gotten rid of high levels of toxic metals such as mercury and lead."
CHARLES POLIQUIN, Author, B.Sc. Kines ethology
Author, B.Sc. Kinesiology, M.Sc. Exercise Physiology 


Equine Athletes

Our equine athletes face a lot more toxic stress than that of our backyard horses.  They are exposed over and over to vaccines, travel stresses, large populations of other animals and environmental changes in their stabling, surroundings and water.  Even before we 'load-up' we are bathing, grooming, clipping and often times training more than ever.  All of these things add to our animals toxic stress.  By making Zeolites apart of their daily regimen, we can avoid a lot of health issues before they manifest.We have a 17.1h Grand Prix horse that is 17 years old.  in the past couple of years I have noticed  more stiffness in his joints and less energy when he is working.  Due to years of showing, travel and stress he has a history of colic and GI problems that eventually led to supplementation of Neigh-Lox daily.  I started him on Zeolites  5 drops 3x a day approximately 3 months ago and I have noticed tremendous increase in energy and stamina ( he now playfully bucks on his first changes each day), his stiffness is minimal and he no longer needs Neigh-Lox and has had no bouts of colic or digestive problems and actually seems to have better nutrientsabsorption from his feed.

Canine Athletes

Most people have dogs as best friends and companions. But exercise and play are an integral part of their health and well-being.  Some dogs are true athletes,  they compete in shows, dog trials, hunting and many other varied events.  I had a lab that was in love with field trial work and was pulling birds out of the water off the gun at 6 months old.  He loved it so much he would go until he dropped if asked to do so.  These animals are true athletes.  They are very susceptible to environmental changes and challenges in their competitive world as we are.  Vaccinations required for competition, travel, changes in air and water can play a big role in their results at competitions and their overall health and recovery. Where do you take your dog to compete or play?  Is he roaming in farmers fields where their may be pesticide use? Is he swimming in waters that may be polluted with chemicals?  Is he traveling in a crate in the cargo compartment of a plane with exhaust fumes?  Is he playing Frisbee on a fairway that has been fertilized? The variables of toxic exposure at home or on the road are quite immense, Zeolites can help you and your dog to minimize the effects of toxic exposure when he is most vulnerable.

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