Zeolites in a Changing World
         Their Importance and Benifits for All People & Pets





Toxicity in Our Animals

"The world is definately a different place than it was years ago...
it seems like it was easy 'back then' to have animals, raise children and now,
 it seems a bit more complex... "

Why Don’t Pets Die of Old Age Anymore?

I grew up with a house full of animals and a barn full of horses. I remember my dad’s hunting dog, a spaniel, named Jacque, who got old and laid down one day and went to sleep…he died of old age. He wasn’t arthritic, he had a strong heart, healthy coat, good appetite…he just got old. Today, our pets, be they dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs or horses never die of old age. More often than not it’s cancer, a heart condition, kidney failure, liver disease, diabetes or very occasionally an accident. Our animals are sicker than ever before. Ask any veterinarian who’s been practicing for more than 10 years and they will tell you they’ve never seen such an increase in the rate of liver disease, kidney disease, nervous system disorders, cancers or diabetes in the animals. One veterinarian commented to me the other day that on average he sees 5-6 new cancer patients each day at his practice. This is unacceptable!

Environmental Impact on our Animals

Our Inside Pets

In today’s society, a lot of pets live indoors. They are bombarded daily with toxins in their environment: from the fumes of cleaners and detergents, the synthetic fibers in carpet, the colored ink in news print put down for their papers, the perfumes, deodorants and lotions we put on our bodies, the flea collars and sprays, the shampoos and conditioners we use on them and the pollutants we track into the house on our shoes. And if you take your buddy out for a walk you have to appreciate the chemically saturated run-off from the golf courses, the oil and gasoline they get on their paws and then lick off and the run-of of pesticides from every home that gets ‘sprayed’ each month. If you fill their water bowl from your kitchen sink they are probably getting a good dose of chemicals like Strontium-90 and heavy metals like lead and cadmium. There pet food, if meat based, probably contains hormones and antibiotics that were fed to that animal in it’s previous life and if that animal was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to graze at all, there are probably some good heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides in it along with a trace of sodium pentobarbital that was used at the rendering plant.

Our Outside Pets

Ahhh, fresh air and sunshine, right? Wrong! Our outdoor pets are getting bombarded as well: lead particles from exhaust fumes, herbicides from nearby farms that get blown into your yard, Round-Up used on lawns and the list goes on and on….

OSO's Testimonial
Our first time using zeolites with pets...


Oso, is a 10 year old Australian Shepard. He is extremely lively, always playing with the other dogs and horses on the ranch. Three years ago he developed a large growth on his right front shoulder. Our vet performed surgery right away and removed a 1.2 pound tumor. Recovery was quick and easy and all seemed fine and dandy for quite awhile until last week…….

On June 4, 2007 Oso wasn’t feeling well, he had a limp, dull eyes, and he couldn’t make it to the barn without laying down halfway. He stayed by our heels all day as if to say “I don’t feel well, help”. When we did get to the barn, my husband palpated his right front shoulder and there it was again, a tumor, hard and about the size of a lemon. We discussed the situation and called our vet that afternoon to schedule Oso for surgery at 9am on June 11, 2007. Realizing that I was going to visit with the vet, I thought I might do some research online about Zeolites and animals. Low and behold, right away I found a testimonial about another dog who had a similar tumor (although much bigger) which had been rapidly diminished with Zeolites. I read the article to my husband who had been using Zeolites for only 2 weeks with incredible personal results We decided right then and there to start Oso on the Zeolites and ‘see’ what happens. Oso got his first dose on Monday, June 4, 2007 at 6:30pm. I gave him 6 drops 3xDay. By Wednesday June 6th, the hard, lemon sized knot had already been reduced to a flat mushy area with a golf ball sized spongy knot in the middle. On Saturday, June 9th, Oso bounded to the barn to help with chores and then played ‘puppy-wind sprints’ in the yard with the Lab on our return…he acted about 2 years old, sparkling eyes and no limp. I called for my husband to come out and check Oso’s ‘lump’. It had reduced itself to the size of a grape. We will continue to give Oso his Zeolites everyday, but we cancelled the surgery. Amazing results in only FIVE DAYS!!

Well... it's been 5 years since Oso's first dose of zeolite, he is now almost 16 years old, a little slower,  can't hear very well, and can't see very well, but he still accompanies me to the barn each morning and evening for chores.  About three months ago, he developed really bad arthritis and was having a lot of discomfort, especially when getting up in the morning.  
One particular morning, it was sooo bad that I told my husband that I thought it was time to let Oso go.  He adamently refused to give up on Oso and said, "you can find someting to help him be more comfortable, I know that you can..."
As it turned out, I had just about run out of the Canine Zeolite Formula, but I had some of the Equine Zeolite Formula left at the barn which has an incredible 'secondary' ingredient, a bioavailable Hyluronic Acid that I had been using on an older horse with great success.  I put Oso on the Equine Zeolite Formula with Hyluronic the next day.  It took about a week, but there was  drastic improvement in his mobility.  Although still slow to get up in the morning, he's now bounding around the yard and playing with the rest of the menagerie.  

Our Horses

I’ve had horses all my life and in thinking back, we only had the vet to the farm once a year for maintenance which included tetnus shot, tube worming and teeth floating, any other visit was usually injury related. These horses were all show horses, but we didn’t have lameness problems, ulcers, colics, allergies, viruses, or so many of the problems we see today. We bought our hay from a local farmer, our water was out of a well and our air was fresh and clear, and our horses always had time in the turn outs to , well…just be horses. We didn’t use bottles of pesticides, shampoos, coat conditioners, supplements, massive vaccinations and medications.

Unfortunately, the world has changed…our horses live in box stalls with chemically treated shavings, the hay comes from who knows where and is grown using pesticides and herbicides in depleted soils, the water and air are now contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals and their bodies are constantly being introduced to even more toxic substances through medication, vaccination and supplementation.

Think outside the box with your horses…could their current condition improve if their body was toxic free and their pH was balanced? What if their immune system was functioning optimally, if their nutrient absorption was increased and promoted healthy microorganisms, if it prevented premature aging by creating optimal metabolic function, cellular repair and reproduction, if it increases stamina, performance and muscle recovery and if it is 100% natural and easy to administer by top dressing feed.

All of the horses have been on Zeolites for over 6 years now and the results have been great!  I haven't wormed  any of the horses but have continued to have them checked for worms -  No internal parasites for 6 years.  My mare who has been a cribber all her life, no longer cribs.  My husband's black Oldenburg gelding that is always having problems with fly allergies, no longer loses his hair in the summer and... there are 80% less flys in the barn than there used to be.  All of their coats are dappled and glistening, there urine runs clear and I would say our feed bills are about 10% less than they were before. One negative... you may just have to have your farrier out a little more frequently, because they put on feet pretty quick with a healthy system.  No, I don't think we will ever stop using Zeolites!

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